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Welcome to Annelid Cycle

We’ve been expecting you!  First launched in 2005, Annelid Cycle produces naturally effective plant nutrients derived from rich, earthworm castings. Castings are a natural bio-product from vermicomposting organic material, making our products sustainable and environmentally responsible. With the help of our “environmental technicians” otherwise known as red wigglers and our proprietary continuous-flow system, castings are produced on a large scale using strict quality control standards. Only organic food waste and other high quality compost sources are accepted. No animal manure or harmful products are used.

Annelid Cycle liquid nutrients are naturally effective to promote vigorous, healthy plant growth. Our liquids are worm casting-based and have been specialized for seedlings, houseplants, herbs, tomatoes, vegetables and flowers. Unlike fish emulsions that may attract pests, our liquids do not have a strong odour. Annelid Cycle liquid plant food is chemical-free, will not burn and is naturally effective. Our products are safe to use around people and pets, bees and the environment.

Earthworms have lived next to plant roots for thousands of years. During this time, they have done a lot of “research and development” really perfecting their techniques! They convert organic material into a more soluble form so that plant roots can take up the nutrients more readily. Worm castings are like multi-vitamins for your plants. They contain macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, essential minerals and trace elements. Earthworms produce unique plant growth stimulants and enzymes in their castings that promote the development of a strong root system. Plants with a strong root system are healthier, produce more flowers, vegetables or fruits and are better able to withstand environmental stressors such as cold, heat, droughts or transplant shock.

You’re invited to join us once again for these exciting 2017 events.  Please keep checking back for updates….

Jan. 28, 29         Guelph Organic Conference                       Guelph University Centre, 50 Stone Road East

Feb 18th              Mississauga Seedy Saturday       9 – 3       84 South Service Road, Mississauga

Feb 25th              Toronto Botanical Garden        10 – 3       777 Lawrence Ave East – large floral hall

Mar 2, 3, 4, 5      Stratford Garden Festival                          Stratford Rotary Complex, 353 McCarthy Road

Mar 4                    London Seedy Saturday             10 – 3     Carling Heights Optimist Ctr, 656 Elizabeth Street

Apr 1st                  Scarborough Seedy Saturday    11 – 4      100 Brimley Rd South(south of Kingston Rd)

Apr 7, 8, 9            Peterborough Garden Show                     The Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Road

 May 27                 Sudbury Gardening Festival   9:30 – 3   YMCA & Parkside Centre, 140 Durham Street

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