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About Us

As the trend toward organic growing started to thrive, so did the need for worm casting-based products! From a child’s grade 5 science project on vermicomposting, Annelid Cycle has evolved to commercially process tons of source separated organics, converting the organics into naturally effective gardening products. We are proud to harness the goodness of worm castings so that all gardeners can enjoy our liquid plant nutrients.

Many ask how it all began… Years ago, six individual red wigglers were purchased for a school science project. Eventually, the wigglers produced “dirt” or worm castings. One day, my next door neighbour approached me with a proposal. She wanted to plant a cherry tree but only had space in her yard for one tree. Since you need two trees to propagate the fruit, she asked if she could buy me a cherry tree to plant in my yard next to hers. Of course! When I dug a large hole in the ground to plant my tree, it suddenly occurred to me that this was an opportunity to get rid of that “dirt” from the science project. So I tossed it in and forgot about it….

At the end of that summer, my neighbour knocked on my door. “What did you do?” she asked. “I look out my window every morning, and I cry. Have you seen the cherry trees? What did you do?” she asked again.   She had noticed a significant difference in the growth of the two trees and wanted to know why my tree was bigger and doing so much better than hers. At first, I was puzzled too. Then I had my “ah ha moment!” I remembered that, at planting time, I had tossed in the “dirt” or worm castings from the vermicomposting project.

Having seen this remarkable difference, I wanted to know more. I brought a sample of worm castings to a certified soil laboratory for a compost analysis. When the written results came in, I called and asked the technologist at the lab what he thought of my “compost.” His reply was: “That’s not compost! That’s an organic fertilizer! A little bit of that stuff will go a long way.”   Over the years, this has led to more research on worm castings, literary searches, repeated lab testing and field crop trials. We are committed to strong and continuous research and development.  It is our mission to share our knowledge and products with you.